A Youth VOICES documentary:

What happens when high schoolers are challenged by Teaching Artists to create an original show in only 4 weeks!


The VOICES Project

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After watching this amazing show, it moved me deeply. Josie has struggled in high school and this was very healing for her. I think it’s very important for these kids to share their courage and experiences with others who may be struggling. It has helped Josie immensely to be her own advocate. I am so proud of her and so thankful she found you all. This is so important what you are doing.
— Tracy Altmaier, Parent
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"This project has changed the person I am. I opened up so much during this time, it was unbelievable to me."

— Voices project participant, from student survey


Storyteller Project

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The Storyteller Project genuinely felt like an authentic writing experience born out of real interactions between kids and members of the Carbondale community. The students loved the feeling of accomplishment that they experienced at the end of the project. Most importantly, the students learned about the concept of empathy and that listening is the pathway we take to really understand someone’s unique experience. 
— Elizabeth Hazle, Carbondale Middle School Teacher

“I felt empathy for Ricardo because it must be very hard moving to a country that speaks a language you don’t know.” 


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