Glenwood Springs Middle School

We have two residencies running at Glenwood Springs Middle School:
- Original Theatre-Making
- Improv Comedy
Scroll down to read more about our improv comedy class for the newcomer students newly arrived to the U.S. from Mexico and Central America.


Original Theatre-Making

Students work 2 weeks in-school and 2 weeks after-school
to create an original show based on their unique ideas.

Tri-lingual teaching artist, Cassidy Willey, works for two weeks with 6th graders in Traci Wilson’s visual art classes and Lucia Campbell’s English Language Developers class. Students generate material to be used in an after-school theatre-making experience.


Improv Comedy

coming soon!


When we’re laughing, we’re open to new ideas, new experiences, and we feel safe to try new things. Through improv comedy, newcomer students practice the risk-taking and bravery needed to learn a new language and adjust to a new place.