The VOICES Project

With roaring Fork Valley High Schools


We start these projects with blank slates – no script or title.  The ideas onstage come from our remarkable youth ensemble under the guidance of Artist Mentors. Using many different art forms, we create the shows.  

Past Performances


2018 Roaring Fork High School & Basalt High School

March 16 and 17, 2018 at Thunder River Theatre in Carbondale, CO

I gained a heck ton of confidence”
— 2018 Participant, from student survey

The making-of VOICES Project 2018.


2017 Basalt High School

March 16, 2017, 7:30 - 8:30pm at Basalt High School Auditorium

This project is one that I can see myself writing about in my college essays and one that has changed the person I am. I have grown while doing this project because it allowed me to open up and express what I feel. I never expected to write about being adopted but it changed me as a person, people in the play and also people who just watched the play. I was so surprised when I wrote a poem that actually meant something to people all around me. I opened up so much during this time, it was unbelievable to me.
— 2017 Participant, from student survey

The making-of VOICES Project 2017.


Artist Mentors

Gabriela Alvarez Espinoza - (Local Physical Theatre Artist) Gabriela was born in Mexico City, where she earned a degree in Dramatic Art in Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral. In 2013, she move to France to specialise in Performing Arts Studies at Lyon’s University.  There she was member of Equinoxe, the University’s dance collective. Since 2013, she participated in several Arts projects at CCO Jean-Pierre Lachaize. She moved to Carbondale in 2016 where she continues to pursue her interest in Performing Arts collaborating with CoMotion Dance, Dance initiative, VOICES and El Colectivo.

Madison Coia - (Local Writer and Dancer) Madison is a Roaring Fork Valley native. He is active in the Boulder and Denver Spoken Word Poetry scenes. 

Shere Coleman – (Portland-based puppeteer and storyteller) Shere is a lifetime maker with 40 + years as a visual artist: painter, wood sculptor, theater and film animation costumer. She holds a BFA in Painting and a Masters in Education. Shere follows the threads of myth and puppetry as they spring from the well of humanity. As an oral storyteller, she knows the transformative power of both deep listening and the human voice in personal and cultural understanding. She trusts artistic process and expression.

Myrlin Hepworth – (Phoenix-based poet and hip-hop artist) Myrlin’s work is grounded in hip-hop and the literary arts. Myrlin was named the Arizona Humanity’s Council’s Rising Start Award recipient for his work as a youth advocate and teaching artist. Over the better part of a decade, Mylrin has performed for and worked with well over a hundred thousand Arizona youth, and tens of thousands of youth across the nation. 

Mícheál "Moley" O Súilleabháin - (Musician and Writer from Ireland) Moley is a singer, poet, and
vocal percussionist. From Limerick, Ireland, he is a musicologist in the field of Irish Hip Hop and is a performer of Irish religious song and Gregorian chant.

Renee Prince – (Local Theatre Director and Mime) Renee is the Executive Artistic Director of  VOICES.  She has been performing and teaching theatre for 18 years, including 7 years as Education Director at Creede Repertory Theatre. Her passion is phyiscal theatre, and she is continually learning, recently participating in a workshop with the Berlin-based mask-theatre company Familie Floez. 

Ryan Prince – (Sculptor, installation artist, and theatre artist based in Creede, CO) Ryan was the Production Manager at Creede Repertory Theatre for many years, where he co-founded the nationally recognized KID Show Youth Theatre program (currently in its 15th year) with Renee Prince.  

Cassidy Willey - (Local Actor, Improviser, and Theatre Educator) Cassidy has been performing all of her life and is currently an actor with TRTC’s Consensual Improv. 

Crystál Clara Xochitl Zamora - (Albuquerque-based dancer) Crystal's dance life started with her families traditional dances of the Mexica or Aztec people. Crystal has dedicated her years to learning various styles of dance including:  Aztec, Flamenco, Salsa, Hip-Hop and others. 


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