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Under the guidance of professional teaching artists, students at Basalt High School created an original show using their talents, ideas, and voices.  


Panic! Panico! at Basalt High School. View the "Making-Of" video on our home page.



March 16, 2017, 7:30 - 8:30pm at Basalt High School Auditorium

Youth Ensemble

We started this project with a blank slate – no script or title.  The ideas onstage came from our remarkable 22-member youth ensemble, and using many different art forms, we created this show.  While not all students chose to appear onstage, their voices, ideas, and work were woven throughout the play.

This project is one that I can see myself writing about in my college essays and one that has changed the person I am. I have grown while doing this project because it allowed me to open up and express what I feel. I never expected to write about being adopted but it changed me as a person, people in the play and also people who just watched the play. I was so surprised when I wrote a poem that actually meant something to people all around me. I opened up so much during this time, it was unbelievable to me.
— Creative ColLABoratory Participant, from student survey

Artist Advisor Team

Renee Prince – (Overall Direction, Physical Theatre Movement, Mime) Renee is the Executive Director of  Voices.  She holds a degree in Theatre from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Theatre Education from University of Northern Colorado.  Renee has been performing and teaching theatre for 18 years, including 7 years as Education Director at Creede Repertory Theatre. She recently returned from a workshop with the Berlin-based mask-theatre company Familie Floez. 

Myrlin Hepworth – (Music and Writing) Myrlin’s work is grounded in hip-hop and the literary arts. Myrlin was named the Arizona Humanity’s Council’s Rising Start Award recipient for his work as a youth advocate and teaching artist. Over the better part of a decade, Mylrin has performed for and worked with well over a hundred thousand Arizona youth, and tens of thousands of youth across the nation. 

Shere Coleman – (Puppetry and Design) Shere is a former design college teacher and puppet costumer for The P. J.’s and Coraline for LAIKA Animation Studio in Portland Oregon. In the Roaring Fork Valley, Shere is a Spellbinder storyteller and she presents Hildur Anderson, Elizabeth Paepke and Miggs Durance for AHS Chautauqua character project. Shere is a TEDx presenter.  She holds a BFA from the Pacific College of Art and Master’s in Education.

Ryan Prince – (Puppetry and Design) Ryan is a sculptor, ceramic artist, and collaborative installation and theatre artist. He was the Production Manager at Creede Repertory Theatre for many years, where he co-founded The KID Show Youth Theatre program with Renee Prince.  Ryan holds a degree in Art from Alfred University. 

Bella Barnum Collier - (Cucuy Dance Choreography) Bella has been seen as a dancer, actor, and choreographer in works up and down the valley. She is currently Director of Competitive Dance at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, where her passion for dance and storytelling began. She would like to thank Renee Prince for this awesome opportunity, Bailey Barnum for help with choreography and in rehearsal, and to the cast for being an absolute pleasure to work with!

Christopher Tribble - (Film Crew Mentorship) Christopher is the director of True Media Foundation. True Media’s philosophy includes providing direction to enhance the missions of other non-profits and to provide authentic learning experiences for students. True Media educates and mentors youth while leading them through the process of video integration into new media and social networking.

Barbara Reese - (Props, Snacks, and Everything Else!) Barbara is the founder and Board President of Voices.  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and further training in Montessori education where she taught for 10 years.  Barbara is a poet, active member of the Aspen Poet’s Society, and a Board Member of Aspen Words. 


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