Basalt High School

We have two residencies running at Basalt High School:
-Original Theatre-Making
Scroll down to learn more about our drumming residency with newcomer students who have just arrived in the U.S. from Mexico and Central America.


Original Theatre-Making

Alongside Roaring Fork High School
Students create an original show in only 4 short weeks!

Each winter, students from Roaring Fork High School and Basalt High School work with a group of teaching artists to create an original show in only 4 short weeks! We start these projects with blank slates – no script or title.  The ideas onstage come from our remarkable youth ensemble under the guidance of our teaching artists. Using many different art forms, we create the shows.  

Past Performances:

March 16 and 17, 2018 at Thunder River Theatre in Carbondale, CO

I gained a heck ton of confidence”
— 2018 Participant, from student survey

The making-of VOICES Project 2018.

March 16, 2017, 7:30 - 8:30pm at Basalt High School Auditorium

This project is one that I can see myself writing about in my college essays and one that has changed the person I am. I have grown while doing this project because it allowed me to open up and express what I feel. I never expected to write about being adopted but it changed me as a person, people in the play and also people who just watched the play. I was so surprised when I wrote a poem that actually meant something to people all around me. I opened up so much during this time, it was unbelievable to me.
— 2017 Participant, from student survey

The making-of VOICES Project 2017.

Explore our Past Teaching Artists here



with Students from Leticia Ingram’s Newcomer Class


Local drummer, Eric Baumheier, works with students in-school for six weeks (two days per week). The result is a confident, cohesive youth drum circle! Drumming is an excellent way to release tension, expression emotion, build teamwork, and create safe space to do the vulnerable work of learning a new language and adjusting to a new school.


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